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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Night After night: BigBang

Hi there, I notice that most of you like the night after night show with 2pm and 2am. Here another show that you might want to watch as well. I'll try to update this show. So please stay tune in this blog. To get the latest update about this blog please like the Fb page now. Don't forget to support this blog by clicking a few ads below/above. I really appreciate it.

Part 1
 High Quality
Part 2

High Quality

Part 3
 High Quality
Part 4
Part 5

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6 awesome coments:

Wee Rainbow said...

Oh cool you're working on Big Bang's appearance on Night After Night? YAY! I've not seen many shows with them, they don't seem to do as many as other singers so I'm excited about this ^^ THANK YOU ♥

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for subbing this show but where are the other parts? some parts seem to be missing..

Anonymous said...

this is awesome, keep up the good work...

Anonymous said...

thank you, you are doing a great job, fighting!!!

ethel said...

TOP for the win! <3

ethel said...

are there missing parts in this?

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