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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Oh! my school episode 19 eng sub

Here is the latest episode of Oh! My school. I hope you enjoy it. Don't be a silent watcher, tell your friends to visit here and put  your comment below. That is the only way you show appreciation of my efforts. Lets enjoy the video now. Follow this blog to get the latest updates.

Part 1/4

Part 2/4

Part 3/4

Part 4/4

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And credits goes to Pyenny who subs the video. Mucho gracias.

Episode 18                                                                       Episode 20

11 awesome coments:

Anonymous said...

can u make it not private please all i can watch is part one

firdaus aziz said...

i have change the setting now..sorry for that..

Anonymous said...

Thanks for uploading the videos

Marina said...

thank you for uploading the videos!! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much..i've been looking for this video evrywhre, you're my savior...

Anonymous said...

thank u 4 uploading :)
but please can u do the same with ep 20 and 21
ah especially ep 21
luv this

Anonymous said...

i really enjoy it..thank you soooo much..can't wait for the next ep..

Anonymous said...

thanks ! ^,^ episode 20 is it out yet ? :)

firdaus aziz said...

i'll upload new ep evry wed. be patient

Anonymous said...

^-^ LOVE YOSEOB AND SUZY! omg i hope the go out or i hope they r going out but in secert ^-^ soooo cute together! ahh

IVAN said...

whats the title of the song that they're sing at part2? when danny rap. someone tell me please

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