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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Night After night: 2pm 2am

This is the latest episode of Night after night talk show. Guess who the guest idols are? of course your most favorite idols 2PM and 2Am. lets enjoy the first 2 part of this video. I will update later. Come again next time. Don't forget to spread this blog among your friends. Click one of the sponsor site below to support this blog. Thanks. Zass~~!!

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Want to know what  IU said in the last episode. Watch the IU video cut now.!!
Part 5

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19 awesome coments:

Anonymous said...

Please upload other parts asap!!

Anonymous said...

I appreciate it!
Please keep it coming!

Anonymous said...

post another episode plsss!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for subbing this for those of us who can't understand Korean! Hope the next part(s) will be up soon!
Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

thank u so much
wiating for the next parts !!

Wee Rainbow said...

Thank you SO MUCH for subbing this! I was really hoping to find this show with English subs. I just found your site today so I'll definitely be coming back again. I hope you'll manage to do the other parts of this too, I'll be waiting.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for putting English subtitles to this episode.

Wee Rainbow said...

Thanks for updating up to part 4!! This was a great show, so funny ^^ Looking forward to the final part too ♥

Anonymous said...

Thanks for part4 !!
I'm grateful for you to sub this but may i ask why certain parts are cut? I mean, I DL the raws and I notice some parts are missing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for sub this. I really appreciate it. I found your site yesterday, and it's look like I am getting addicted. Hahahah. I hope you can continues this. Keep it up. Great job and two thumbs up for you :))

firdaus aziz said...

lol..Thanks for watching here..

Anonymous said...

I'm really thankful for your hard working
the sub was really great
because of you
many people can understand and enjoy the shows

keep it up~

Anonymous said...

So much fun thank you.

Mai said...

:) thank you

Wee Rainbow said...

LOL thanks for posting the last part, it was so funny! I love how they teased Seulong so much by ending the questions prematurely ^.~ he was going crazy over it hehehe. And oh how I love parodies ^^ Taec and Daesung were a good choice lol

Anonymous said...

i miss daesung :'(

Anonymous said...

Gosh this was so much fun! Thanks for subbing. Didn't know Taec admires Moon Geun Young a lot :)

Carolina said...

Omg!!! I laughed so hard!!!!! XD
Thanks !!!!!!!!!!

firdaus Aziz said...

Thank you for watching here..check other video and like the fb page too..

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