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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Secret Garden lunar special 2 Eng subs

Are you done watching the first episode secret garden lunar special 2 eng subs. Click on the link if you haven't. you are watching the second episode of secret garden lunar special. I hope you enjoy it. Dont forget to share this with your friends now by clicking on fb and twitter button above. Support this blog to get a new domain by visiting sponsor site below. Thanks for watching here. Fire your comment below.

Part 2

High Quality

Part 3

High Quality

Part 5

HIGH quality
part 6

High Quality

Secret Garden lunar special 3 Eng subs

2 awesome coments:

Anonymous said...

thanks!great vids and sub.. i was looking for eng subs for this, just found yours..i'm a big sega shipper! :)))

Anonymous said...

Is there going to be a Secret Garden Lunar Special 3 with eng sub???

I love this drama, never get tired watching over and over again.....

HyunBin is such a great actor.

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