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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Can you hear my heart Episode 7 Eng subs

This post contains the latest post of drama Can you hear my heart episode 7. Please coment below if you watch here. Don't forget to share and tweet with the fb and twitter button above. Thanks for watching here. Please support this blog by clicking the sponsor website below/above. Lets enjoy the video now. :))

Part 1
 High quality

Part 2
High quality

Part 3
High quality

Part 4
High quality

Part 5

 High quality

part 6

 High Quality
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Episode 6                                                         Episode 8

8 awesome coments:

Sweet Butterfly said...

tak boleh tgk...

(there was a problem loading this video) :(

firdaus aziz said...

try refresh.

Sweet Butterfly said...

sama je..still x boleh

firdaus aziz said...

yeke. u gna browser ape..i try other pc and its work just fine...

Anonymous said...

Woot Thank you so much for posting!!!!

Sweet Butterfly said...

guna mozilla..IE pun dh cube..sm je

jelesnya dgn org yg boleh tgk..website len pun problem dgn ep7 dgn ep8 ni

firdaus aziz said...

let me upload to fb.like fb page ok..

Sweet Butterfly said...

dekat fb boleh..thanx.:)

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